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 Whether you've just passed your test or did so years ago, if you've never driven on a motorway they can appear daunting.  We offer a 6 hour driving course (time to get to a motorway and back from Norfolk!) to build on your existing skills and experience, and give you the confidence to drive safely .

If you would like further details or would like to book, please do not hesitate to contact us. The complete course is currently being offered at £150.

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Here are a few testimonials from some of our successful students...

I recently discovered that although I had passed my Australian driving test, in order to get a British licence I had to start from scratch here. I dreaded the thought of it however after a glowing recommendation I contacted Darren. I found him to be very calm and relaxed and he put me at ease immediately. Darren has a really great knack of explaining things in simplified and practical terms which make them not only easy to understand but easy to implement. That skill combined with his calm and relaxed character I feel gives him a great edge on the other instructors out there. I could not recommend Darren highly enough.

Katie Emberley

Darren is friendly, patient and all in all a decent person, I would 100% recommend Darren as a driving instructor.

Alistair Dymock

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